Clear instruments ready to read them. No more going to the oculist!

Manipulators technology. You could fly the plane without touching a joystick (but is better to have one).
Easy way changing values in instruments, radios, etc...

The Seamax Don't have a parking brake. That make it more interesting on taxi procedures. But you can always put chokes on it. Of course with Manipulators technology.

Retractable water rudder, easily operated from the cabin.

Mirrors on the wings to confirm visually that the landing gears are retracted. Sometimes is better not trust the green lights!

Beautifull glow lights of the instruments. Really beauty at dawn!. Also you can see the Strobe light FX over, the fuselage of the Seamax!

Gorgeus up panel!

Seamax M-22 v1.2 from Javier Rollon for x-plane 9.31

In colabortation with the real creator of the Seamax, Jrollon planes introduces a highly detailed X-Plane version. This is a VFR plane and is ready to fly over the beautiful
landscapes of X-Plane. This is a MUST aircraft if you want to enjoy the sights of various scenery packages out there!

This aircraft comes packed with manipulator technology, allowing you a better in-sim experience of the aircraft and its instruments.
It provides nice, slow flight, and the ability to challenge yourself on your water landings.
Be careful! You may have too much weight on board! Releasing excess weight from water is doable by utilizing the bilge pump.
The Seamax also comes with a retractable water runnder. All it takes is one click (dragging as a manipulator), and you will have the water rudder up or down.
We've also included beautiful lighting effects, allowing you to see the glow of the instruments and the flashing of the strobe lights by night!
It is also comprised of 40,000 polygons of detail, with little to no impact on frame rates in the simulator. The high detail allows for a gorgeous fuselage and precise curves!
Want to play around with eye candy some? We've included some of that too!
You can open the cockpit door, open the air window for some fresh air, and mirrors on the wings allow you to tell whether your landing gear are fully retracted or not.
We're also including a Photoshop template set (PSD format) to make your own livery, but we're also giving you two liveries ready to fly with your purchase.
If your one of the reading types, we've also written some detailed documentation on this aircraft, and you'll find this in the aircraft folder as a PDF.
Oh, and not to mention we've got a virtual pilot that looks around as you fly.
Just have fun!

Please note that every buy you make is notified to me by email, so I won't be able to send you the codes to download them until I see those emails.
Usually it takes no more than 2 hours, but if it takes more please be sure you will receive the info. I live on Spain so if you are buying on my night time please understand I am dreaming on flying, but stay calm, your codes will be sent once I notice again I am just a designer on earth :). Thanks!



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