Hello All! As a gift for all the comunity for this first year of developing planes for X-Plane, and the first aniversary of start of the CRJ Project I have created a 'home' for the CRJ. Matacan Airport (icao code LESA) is an civil - military airport 15 km East from Salamanca, the City I was born, on the west of Spain, close to Portugal.

If you want to use this scenary please install also the OpenScenaryX (download here), because if you don't have it, you will be able to load it but with loading error messages (some airport furniture will not appear, but mostly yes). To Install, just unzip the contect of the zip file into /Custom Scenery folder of x-plane 9.41. You should have the Europe landscape (Spain part) to see it all correctly. Just Loaded the plane you want to fly, on Local Airports, chose 'Salamanca' or LESA.

Due to restrictions in importing landscapes into Blender, I could not put the objects in his right real altitude, so if you want to see it all on ground, deactivate the option "runways follows contours" on the rendering options. When I have such tool, I will be able to make it.

Thanks for the help of Bokepacha, DeltaRomeo and the C-101 model from Blackvim.

You can modify this airport if you want, but please let me know it, to incluse on future releases. This is a free addom for X-Plane 9.41 but this is not free to make it, so if you want to see more free stuff like this, please support it making a donation. The link to donate is below the download icon. Thanks and Happy 2010!